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Home Defense Tactics: Fundamentals of Home Defense

Rob Pincus discusses the Five Fundamentals of Home Defense tactics: Evade, Barricade, Arm, Communicate, Respond. Thinking ahead of time about these five steps will empower you to respond more efficiently if you ever do have a threat inside your home, or trying to get into your home.

3-Minute Home Defense Tactics

Rob Pincus reviews the Fundamentals of Home Defense: Evade, Arm, Barricade, Communicate and Respond (as necessary) in just a few minutes. Starting your process of planning "home defense" doesn't require days of classwork or a lifetime of study... simply understanding these five fundamentals can get you on the right track!

PDN GOLD: Home Defense Tactics

[Exclusive GOLD & PLATINUM Member Event] PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus discussed the five fundamentals of home defense tactics in this exclusive GOLD member class. He addressed concerns with the most common home layouts and family living situations as well as how the tactics apply in apartments, your workplace or even hotel rooms.

Armed Home Defense Tactics: Negotiating Corners

Rob Pincus offers valuable tips on home defense tactics such as negotiating hallways, stairwells, doorways, and corners in your home while wearing your concealed-carry firearm as you investigate a family member’s cry for help. Home-Defense Tactics Considerations In these home-defense tactics, you need to think about how you’re going to move and always remember that…

Home Defense Tactics to Protect Your Family

Ken Crawford of Reno Guns & Range discusses an important home defense concept: how to move through your home with a handgun without endangering your family. Bump in the Night Whether you hear the proverbial bump in the night or for any reason believe you need to get your handgun because a lethal threat may…

Carbine Rifle C.O.R.R. Combative Training

The close quarters combat principle, Clamp Orient Ram Retract (CORR) principle with a carbine rifle as demonstrated by Chris Fry. Learn various CORR home defense tactics in close quarters shooting situations.

Home Defense

Home Defense Tactics: Use Safe Backstops HOME DEFENSE TACTICS TO HELP KEEP ANY HOUSEHOLD SAFE WE’LL TRAIN YOU TO HAVE THE PEACE OF MIND YOU NEED AT THE PLACE YOU CALL HOME. View All Home Defense Videos Visit Our New Shop PDN Training Tour Sign Up Today to Receive the Newest and Most Popular Personal…

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