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Personal Defense Readiness: Natural Tools

What is your body's natural response prior to any training? Does that have any protective or tactical application? If so, why aren't we incorporating it into personal defense? Tony Blauer discusses these questions and more.

Laser Sights on Concealed Carry Guns

SUMMARY: Mike Seeklander used to think laser sights were only for military usage, but now he’s got them on his concealed carry and home-defense guns. What are the benefits of laser sights on carry guns, and what should you look for in laser products? Mike explains all this and much more. In the past, if…

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The Aftermath of Using Deadly Force

At the Concealed Handgun Licensing classes I’ve taught for years, I often throw out the old “What would you do in x, y, z situation?” question to students. And just as often, I’ve been amused and appalled at the responses. I then try to explain that, depending on the situation, what we think we will…

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R.A.T.S. Tourniquet Use

The RATS Tourniquet is a relatively new emergency medical device. RATS stands for Rapid Application Tourniquet System. It’s a convenient, easy to use and carry tourniquet that does have the potential to actually work. The RATS Difference The RATS Tourniquet, which is fluorescent orange in color, works by allowing multiple wraps of the relatively thin…

Closed vs. Open Pistol Optics – SPONSORED

“Should I use a closed or open optic for a red dot sight on my defensive pistol?” Rob Pincus has been hearing this question a lot lately, and here are his thoughts. OPEN OPTICS Traditionally with a red dot mounted on a pistol, you have one plane with the glass that reflects the light back…

Developing an Emergency Response Plan for the Training Environment

Frequent and realistic training is necessary for all things: recognition of one’s competency, skill development, learning intuitive responses to learned stimuli, building neural pathways, maximizing our limited cognitive process in a potential ambush context…although there are many ways we can supplement live fire, range activities are essential for realistic training.

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2017 Shooter’s Summit online Training Conference

Today is the last day of a FREE Online virtual training conference that I am proud to be a part of, The 2017 Shooter’s Summit. This event has been going on for the past week and has featured 31 Shooting Instructors, Experts in Armed Defense Topics, Competition Shooters, Shooting Community Influencers and Personal Defense Educators…

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Carrying Non-Lethal Force Options

Rob Pincus discusses carrying optional defensive tools along with your firearm. This practice has been strongly advocated by several instructors, including PDN Contributor Claude Werner, in order to allow you to defend yourself without having to

They Are Not You: Surveillance Cameras Record Random Brutal Attack

Today's case directly addresses one of the greatest fears of city-dwellers and suburbanites, young and old, those invested in self-protection and the unprepared: a moment of inexplicable violence that arises with the stark suddenness of a crevasse opening in ice beneath our feet. The natural questions arise: Who commits this sort of offense and why?

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Choosing an Optic for an AR-15-Type Carbine

I recently helped someone navigate one of the most challenging aspects of modern defensive firearms ownership: choosing an optic for a general-purpose AR-type semi-automatic carbine. What makes this such a potential ordeal is the nearly limitless variety of options available. From red dot to reflex, holograph to etched reticule, fixed power to variable and everything…

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