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Springfield Armory SAINT Edge 5.56

When the Springfield Armory SAINT hit the market, people rushed out to buy it because it’s priced so affordably from a quality manufacturer such as Springfield. Then they discovered at the range that it’s a great gun and a great value. But if you’re above entry level, you’ll want to check out the Springfield SAINT…

Evolving As Defensive Shooters

Whether you are a student, instructor, military personnel, law enforcement, or a citizen who carries a firearm to legally defend yourself, evolving your mindset and defensive shooting techniques is paramount in a constantly changing world. How you do this is up to you and how you want to spend your time, effort and energy to…

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The Closed-Fist Strike

There are as many theories on what is the best “technique” in the world of self-defense as there are experts. Unfortunately, personal agendas and bias all too often get in the way. One area that is particularly susceptible to this is the issue of using closed fists in a self-defense/combat situation. There are a lot…

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Unintentional Discharges: The Mutant Cousin Under the Basement Stairs

I would like to discuss something that, in firearms instructing circles, seems to be the metaphorical mutant cousin living under the basement stairs. It’s something that many instructors (and shooters) want to believe doesn’t exist. When it rears its ugly head every now and then, they belittle, blame and condemn, then force the little monster…

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Active Shooter Preparedness 8-Video Set (DVD + Download)

8-Video Set: Active Shooter Preparedness (DVD + Download) In the World we live in, being prepared for the unexpected violent encounter is a must-have mind-set. Knowing how to react could save your life – and the lives of many others. Personal Defense Network has compiled this one-of-a-kind video set, with 8 videos covering critical topics…

Four Zones of Defense

It is helpful to keep in mind during a fight that your body has four zones or quadrants of defense. You have forehand and backhand strikes that are separated by your body's natural center-line, and a high line and low line located above and below the level of our elbows, respectively.

PDN GOLD: Corona Virus Response

[Exclusive GOLD & PLATINUM Member Event] PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus discusses corona virus response. Masks, gloves, social distancing, proximity, isolation, domestic violence, suicide... all of these topics (and more) have taken on new meaning during the COVID-19 crisis.

PDN LIVE: Challenges for Gun Owners During the Holiday Season

In this month’s PDN LIVE, Rob Pincus discussed specific challenges and responsibilities that gun owners, especially those who carry or stage guns for defensive use, have during the holiday season. Topics covered include house guests, burglary risk, travel, parties with alcohol, and visiting friends and family.

Getting (Back) Into Shape!

General Physical Preparedness The necessity for having a base level of fitness or general physical preparedness should be common sense for any armed citizen. Possessing the ability to run away from danger is often a better plan than engaging and then, if you survive, dealing with the legal and emotional aftermath. Not to mention the…

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